Meet Kelsey Akers – Managing Graphic Designer

Is there anything Kelsey cannot do? From campaign direction to production design, being a classically-trained flutist, and beyond, she does it all. As the Managing Graphic Designer, Kelsey truly is a creative problem solver.

Every image that you see from Toddy Gear has come Kelsey’s desk. It is no surprise that her favorite part of working here is “designing exciting graphics that bring our products to life.” She lives by the phrase “helping others helps yourself,” and she shows it every day. Always the first to help out with anything and everything in the office.

When she isn’t blowing us away with graphics and product design, Kelsey enjoys making music, cycling, and reading non-fiction. A fresh pasta connoisseur, her favorite food is trofie alla genovese, but “basically, I love any kind of carb.”