Custom Packaging and The Impact On Promotional Gifts

Why even think of packaging for promo products? The general impression is that custom packaging is super expensive, and the thought is, “My customer will never go for it.” So here is a question for you. Are you really sure? Are you sure your customer will leave increased brand perception and increased likelihood that their brand will be thought of when a product or service is needed on the table for an additional $$ per gift?

Packaging goes a long way!

Packaging goes a long way in securing a good first impression and lasting brand loyalty. It is always a good idea to bring up custom packaging and ask if clients have thought about custom packaging or go above and beyond and get a virtual made when you are getting virtuals made of the items you will be presenting to your client. Impress them with what could be!

“High-quality packaging elevates the brand perception and increases the likelihood that that brand will be thought of when a product or service is needed. But unfortunately, it is almost always overlooked and sometimes thought of as an unnecessary expense.”

Easy-peasy to present what could be

Making the process of getting artwork/virtuals for packaging that are in line with the product virtuals design that you are preparing to show your client can only be made simple if your supplier offers the products of interest and packaging options. Using the synergy of the suppliers’ design resources you can be a rockstar by presenting brand-aligned product design and packaging.

Promotional products are great

Promotional products are one of the top mediums when it comes to return-on-investment of advertising/ marketing dollars. It is incredible the influence that great promotional products have on the receiving party – impressions, top-of-mind placement, mindshare, brand exposure. Help your clients elevate the benefits of promotional products to their highest potential by simply showing them what could be.