Welcome Back To The Office Pitch Ideas

More and more companies are setting up plans to bring people back to the office. Whether a company is planning a full or gradual return, they are taking the time to think about how to welcome back their teams. 

Everyone will have different feelings about returning to the office. Some employees will welcome the return, while others will be fearful and very anxious to head back for various reasons. So, how are companies going to ease the transition back? Communication and welcome back gifts are a part of that formula. 

Right now is the time to reach out to companies small and large about their welcome back campaigns.

Communication is key. A great recommendation is to start with a welcome back letter that outlines any new policies and procedures, safety measures, etc. Support the letter with promotional gifts that strengthen the message the company is sending. The letter would be packaged together with the gifts and gifted to the employees.

Here are some great ideas to pitch to your customers:

Safety Conscious

A gift set including a mask, a desktop mask holder, and a touch free key make great gifts for companies looking to push safety and comfort in their welcome back message.

Commuter Gift Sets

The commute is one of the main points of contention for employees hesitant to return to the office. Companies may be interested in items that will ease their employees’ overall commute. Think wireless charging car mounts, cables, a new laptop case, and a tech organizer

Desktop Comfort and Utility

Some companies have moved past PPE items and are looking to increase comfort and utility at the desk while communicating to employees that they are appreciated and valued. Products that are perceived as high-value will help reinforce the brand’s message. Think desktop mats, a wireless charging mouse pad, keyboard and mouse wrist rests, or a phone stand. Phone stands & wireless charging phone stands have been a favorite desktop accessory, and there are many to choose from. The more unique, the better!

It is important to remember that we are not pitching products. We are providing solutions to assist with company goals. When choosing a supplier for items to present, ensure that Virtuals are FREE, full-color decoration is included, and the option to get product samples is available.

In addition, extra benefits such as discounts when purchasing kits/ more than 3-products for a kit are available, and kitting services are offered.