Branding Has Never Been this Organized!

Introducing the latest innovation in promotional tech accessories that presents a solution to the everyday cord & cable organization problem and provides an unprecedented amount of branding space, the Toddy Twist.Chicago, IL — February 15, 2018 — Toddy Gear, Inc., today announced the release of the Toddy Twist Cable and Cord Organizer, a flexible cable tie like product that eliminates those tangled spaghetti nests that unmanaged cables become and has unprecedented branding space in its category.

Do the Toddy Twist!
The Toddy Twist Cable and Cord Organizer is one-of-a-kind — Designed by Toddy Gear, especially for the promotional industry, it offers an unprecedented amount of full-color decoration area for a cable tie like product. It’s handy for containing AV leads, extension cords, kitchen appliance cords, power tool cables, as well as smaller jobs like keeping headphones and USB cables organized. Super durable, reusable and incredibly simple to use – just arrange your cables, wrap the Toddy Twist around them, and the cord or cable will stay perfectly held until the next time it’s needed. For any scenario where out-of-control cables and cords are causing an eyesore and an inconvenience, the Toddy Twist is the solution that solves a problem while promoting brands.

Toddy Twist Cable and Cord Organizer (TTA043) is now available through promotional products distributors. Toddy Gear offers FREE random samples and virtuals. To learn more about Toddy Twist Cable and Cord Organizer click here.

About Toddy Gear
Toddy Gear is a forward-thinking tech accessories brand with one simple goal — to develop and innovate premium tech accessories that support and enhance the world’s tech gear. The Original Smart Cloth, the first premium dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth for removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and eyewear is the brand’s flagship product. Today Toddy Gear offers retail and promotional products that include a wide variety of dual-purpose solutions including mobile device stands, desktop accessories, pouches and cases, cinch packs and power banks, custom packaging, and much more for storing, cleaning, organizing and charging gadgets and valuables.

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