Getting Results: The Most Essential Considerations of an Exceptional Branded Product

What are the essential considerations of an exceptional branded product that gets results? Is it how many impressions it will get? Is the brand communicating the intended message via this product? Is it memorable? Is it ‘s useful?  Is it a quality product or will it disappoint and be pitched right after the event? All of the above are important questions to ask when selecting a promotional gift and two of these are what I want to focus on today. The usefulness and quality of a promotional giveaway. Why is that so important and worthwhile?

Firstly, and most obviously, useful products get used a lot and quality products last a long time. They don’t languish in the dark corner of a cupboard, or the worst, end up in a trash bin. They’re out there – in our day-to-day life, in classrooms, offices – being used in public places, acting as mini billboards, getting the brand name and message out into the world. To put it another way, a useful and quality promotional item means exponential brand impressions.

Secondly, giving customers or employees a really useful and quality branded gift builds trust. A utility-packed promotional gift they receive becomes a resource in their day-to-day lives; it implicitly translates into increased mindshare, recognition and leaves good impressions about the brand. It demonstrates a thoughtful, engaging and customer-focused marketing approach in a way that a novelty branded nick-knack products do not.

At Toddy Gear, we pride ourselves on making useful and premium quality branded tech accessories. Items that people use over-and-over and that aid them in their day-to-day lives.

Take our latest products, the Toddy Twist and Toddy Tech Caddy for example. They’re a pair of branded tech accessories that solve everyday organizational problems.

In this day and age, tech gear plays a significant role in our lives. That means lugging around umpteen different tech gadgets, which can be a frustrating and overwhelming prospect.

As you read this, you’re probably thinking of the countless power and USB cables making a mess of your computer workstation, or all of the various phone and laptop accessories that are lurking at the bottom of your messenger bag.

Perhaps you’re remembering a nightmare scenario you had before a meeting or presentation when one of those accessories went missing somewhere in the bottomless pit of that messenger bag, as well as the frantic search to find it.

We’re all too familiar with those scenarios. In fact, needing to organize the spaghetti-like mess of cables and the bottomless pit scenario was what inspired the Toddy Twist and Toddy Tech Caddy.

Toddy Twist Cord and Cable Organizer

The Toddy Twist Cable and Cord Organizer is a handy, flexible cable tie that makes those spaghetti nests a thing of the past. It’s durable, reusable and incredibly simple to use – just arrange your cables, wrap the Toddy Twist around them, and it will stay perfectly held until the next time it’s needed. It’s not just for the office either. It’s handy for containing kitchen appliance cords, power tool cables and AV leads, as well as smaller jobs like keeping headphones and USB cables organized. For any scenario where out-of-control cables and cords are causing an eyesore and an inconvenience, the Toddy Twist is the solution.

Toddy Tech Caddy

The Toddy Tech Caddy is an all-in-one storage solution for holding charging cables, power banks, thumb drives, and portable hard drives – basically, everything that rattles around in the bottom of your bag on a business trip or in your backpack on the way to school – in one neat package. It’s durable, portable and means you’ll never be caught digging through your bag for that AV cable or phone charger again.

Toddy Twist and the Toddy Tech Caddy are prime examples of what great branded tech products should be. They’re useful – fulfilling a genuine need for your tech-savvy clients. They’re durable – high-quality products that implicitly inspire trust in brands and effectively convey brand messaging. And, of course, each has plenty of full-color branding space to make sure that brand message is heard loud and clear.

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