The Secret Weapon for Every Distributor Rep Revealed

Sometimes, being responsible for meeting the promotional product needs of your clients is a breeze. Other times, it has you pulling your hair out.

Every client is different, but when it comes to promotional product needs, there are typically two types.

Client type number one has a clear vision of what they want. They know exactly the promotional item they’re looking for.

Client number one is easy.

Client type number two is more complex.

Client type number two knows that they want something, which is great. But getting them to put their finger on exactly what that something is? That’s another thing entirely.


They certainly have an idea of what that branded product isn’t (unfortunately for you, the first ten products you suggest to them will probably be in the isn’t category) and they’ll be able to articulate – vaguely – what they want that product to do. A clear vision of that branded gift, however, is something they do not have, and that makes your job very difficult. 

Suppliers like us understand that working with your client to find the perfect branded product is sometimes a struggle. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with a solution to your promotional product dilemma, even when the situation seems impossible.

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First, there’s our website,, which carries a huge range of products. From auto accessories to wrist rests, from gift sets to cinch bags; there’s a branded accessory for every occasion that will inspire even the most specific of clients.

And, in the unlikely event that our well-stocked website doesn’t deliver the product that your challenging client is looking for, we’ve got a secret weapon up our sleeve; our sales team.

We’ve got an amazing team of sales representatives here at Toddy. Seriously, those guys are ninjas; an elite squad of near-telepathic aces who take your client’s vague idea of what they want and turn it into their dream branded gift.

Your client might not know what product they’re looking for, but our sales representatives will. And, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with them – via phone, e-mail, the live chat button on the Toddy Gear website or by calling us to book a Lunch and Learn session. In short, they’ll find you and your customer exactly what you’re looking for, with a personal touch that makes the process so much smoother.

Best premium and budget-friendly products!
Best premium and budget-friendly products!

“That’s all well and good,” we hear you say, “but Toddy Gear carries high-end Promotional Products; what if my client is very price sensitive?” Well, that’s the other great thing about our promotional products portfolio; we offer unique, high-quality products at a variety of price points.

While we’re known for our high-end promotional gifts, we’re proud to carry promotional premiums that are lower priced, but still, hold up to Toddy Gear’s exacting quality standards. Those products still, provide what our customers love – useful, built to last gear with extensive full-color decoration, but at a price point that works for even the most budget conscientious.

To see what we mean, click on the “Categories” section of the Toddy Gear website. We’ve got categories for “$2 and below”, “$7 and below” and “$10 and below” products, all of which are of the high caliber you’d expect from Toddy.

And, we’d be remiss not to mention our Got Time? program, which is specifically tailored for those on a budget that are still looking for a high-end Toddy promotional product and are planning ahead. Our Got Time? program offers big savings on selected products when a bit more time is allowed for the order. Give us 10-15 days to produce your product, and you could save up to 30% off your bill.

Whatever the price point and whatever the specific requirements of your client is, Toddy Gear has a product that delivers and a sales team that is standing by to help you. And, to give you and your client that “I love it; it’s perfect,” moment, we provide product samples and free virtuals.

Why not get in touch today and take the hassle out of finding the perfect branded tech product, for even your most challenging customer? or call us at 312-416-5070.

Think Toddy Gear.