Tight Budget? Need Cool Promo Gear? No Problem!

Did you know that we can offer high-value products for even the most budget-minded customer?

We firmly believe that any client, no matter their budget, should have access to great promotional products that truly show off their brand. That’s why we offer a unique range of high-quality products at a variety of price points.

From doctors to florists, everyone’s business benefits from promotional products and everyone has a budget. From the high-value and price to high-value and budget price we have your back with cool tech and wearable gear.


We’ve talked about the wide range of products and price points we offer in a previous post. But today, we wanted to elaborate on that by highlighting some of our most budget-friendly items.

Next time you’re on our website, take a look at the Categories section. You’ll notice that you can choose a spending level, “$20 to spend,” “$10 and below,” “$7 and below” and $2.50 and below”, which is extremely handy when you know your customers budget.

$2.50 and below
Catagory – $2.50 and below

Click on “$2.50 and below” and you’ll be amazed, by how many choices of cool products and Toddy Gear favorites are available at a  budget-friendly price.

Stay organized with the Toddy Twist

Take the Toddy Twist. It’s an ingenious update on the cable tie, designed by Toddy Gear, that can contain just about any cable – AV cables, extension cords, kitchen appliance cords, power tool cables – you name it. It’s easy to use, built to last, incredibly useful and offers an unprecedented amount of full-color decoration space for a cord organizer. For as little as $2.45(C) per unit, it’s a powerful promotional tool that won’t break the bank.


Maximize brand exposure on a daily basis with The Minimalist™ Phone Wallet.

Then there’s our Minimalist™ Phone Wallet, an amazing 2-in-1 product that fits onto the back of a smartphone to carry credit cards, IDs and any other cards you might need. It’s seriously useful for saving space in pockets, comes with a built in-microfiber cloth and plenty of surface area for the brand message. And, at as little as $1.95(C) per unit, it’s a bargain price for its high-end quality.



And, if you need a product for a promotional budget that’s leaner still, we’ve got you covered. Our Ultra. Microfiber Cloth comes at an unbeatable price of as little as $0.38(C) per unit and is perfect for keeping tech gear gleaming and your brand front and center. With its 170gsm and full-color imprint, it’s a top quality product for a low, low price.


Our budget-friendly gear is perfect for the value driven customer who wants Toddy Gear high-quality product. We’re committed to finding the perfect promotional product for your clients, whatever their needs and whatever their budget.

So, whether you’re looking to present big-ticket premiums or high-quality, budget-friendly alternatives, think Toddy Gear. We’ve got a reputation for providing awesome quality, high-end promotional tech products that really stand out from the crowd.