Meet the Goalkeeper

Jason Emery

Jason is the Vice President here at Toddy Gear. We like to think of him as our starting goalkeeper. Why?

Jason Emery

Because he’s the one who catches both opportunities as well as challenges that come our way and puts them back into play or punts them to the other end of the field. He also directs his teammates so they can work together to win the game.

Variety is the spice of life, and it plays a big part in Jason’s job satisfaction. “Every project and every business challenge is different than what I experienced the day before,” he notes “it keeps things fresh and allows me to grow individually as well as professionally.”

Outside of the office, Jason loves boating, live music, discovering foods of the world (Oysters are his favorite) and relaxing with his family.

Asked what three words best described him, he responded with “I am Batman.” We find it hard to argue with that!