Toddy Gear Makes Connectivity and Organization a Snap

The New Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Kits Calm Cable Chaos and Ooze Brand Awareness

Chicago, IL – July 2018 – Toddy Gear, Inc. today announced the release of three Toddy Tie Organizer and Cable Kits that deliver the most brand worthy way to contain and carry phone/tablet charging cable. They are perfect for keeping all types of cables tangle-free, throw them in a purse or bag, and the cable does not get tangled or knotted with itself or other cables. Standard with full-color decoration, these kits are available in three models that feature the most popular connector types, and they offer seven organization band color options. Toddy Tie Organizer and Cable Kits are perfect as standalone premiums or to be included as a part of a gift set. Learn more about the new line of Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Kits at click here.

“Brandability” Taken to The Next Level!
Colorful, useful, customizable, and impressive is the many ways to describe Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Kit. Not only does Toddy Gear offer a full-color imprint on both sides of the super popular Toddy Cable and an imprint on the cables USB head, but also the cable organizer boasts a full-color decoration on its gloss dome, making your logo pop! To boot, the organizer is available in 7 band colors. Its full-color decoration and the option to complement the organizer band color to your branding needs makes these kits winners.

“Promotional tech items are used day after day, if not multiple times daily,” said Jason Emery, VP Toddy Gear. “The Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Kits hit the sweet spot between the usefulness of a promotional product and the key goals a promotional product should achieve,” continued Emery.

What’s Included and How to Use
Included Toddy Tie Organizer and Cable Kit is a Toddy Tie Organizer and your choice of:

Great for organizing virtually any tech cable, the Toddy Tie Organizer is simple to use — one, wrap the cable around your fingers, two, insert the cable into the organizer, then gently press till’ you hear the Smart Snap™ Closure click. DONE!

3-Models Available Toddy Tie Organizer and Cable Kit

Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Kits are available in three models as low as $8.33(C) through your favorite promotional products distributor. Samples are available for ordering at click here. To learn more about Toddy Tie and Cable Organizer Sets visit   

About Toddy Gear
Toddy Gear is a forward-thinking tech accessories brand with one simple goal — to develop and innovate premium tech accessories that support and enhance the world’s tech gear. The Original Smart Cloth, the first premium dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth for removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and eyewear is the brand’s flagship product. Today, Toddy Gear offers retail and promotional products that include a wide variety of dual-purpose solutions including mobile device stands, desktop accessories, pouches and cases, cinch packs and power banks, custom packaging, and much more for storing, cleaning, organizing and tech gear and valuables.

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