Meet Josh Bleicher – Account Executive

Josh loves being an Account Executive, at least that is what he tells us, so we asked him why. “I get to travel and meet new people all while showing a great product line,” he explains. But really Josh, what do you love most about what you do? “I love taking care of clients on a daily basis and helping them work through opportunities and seeing them succeed with our product.”

If you have ever met Josh, you know how fun he is to be around and that he always has a smile on his face. He is most definitely a people person who you want to get to know when you meet him.

He has a passion for live music and can often be found attending concerts. Josh’s love for music does not stop at listening. He is an excellent guitarist! Josh has an adventurous spirit; he is planning to take on bungee jumping as soon as the opportunity arises. He is also easily bribed with pizza and hot dogs. His idea of R&R is spending time with his friends and also his girlfriend exploring the city of Chicago where he currently lives.

Josh’s mantra is “stay positive and good things will come,” and it is something that he puts into practice daily, both in and out of work.