Meet Nellie Turrise – Account Manager

Starting as a Customer Service Rep in May 2016, Nellie is now one of Toddy’s rock star Account Managers responsible for house accounts and onboarding new clients.

We know she rocks at it – positive feedback keeps rolling in daily! Clients describe her as ambitious, adaptable, and diligent. Her favorite part of her job is getting client feedback when they are introduced to Toddy Gear products.

“Live in the moment, tomorrow isn’t promised,” is Nellie’s motto and she puts it into practice every day. She is a fan of exploring new places, a connoisseur of craft beers, and a seasoned musician. Yes, you heard right, she’s an ace clarinetist with 15 years of experience under her belt. When we said she was a rock star, we weren’t kidding!

When asked where in the world she would love to live, Nellie responded with “anywhere that is a constant 75!” I think we can all agree with that!