How to Get Orders for Customer Service Week

Since its start in 1991, thousands of organizations have taken advantage of Customer Service Week (October 7th-11th) to show how much they appreciate everything their employees do to enhance the customer experience and to keep their customers happy and coming back. Whether they focus on events, social media posts, or special recognition, this week has tons of room for branded gifts!

Who usually organizes Customer Service Week?

Customer Service usually resides in the Sales department as an extension of sales or in the HR department, depending on the company. HR usually takes the reigns and plan the activities, events, and… Yes… GIFTS. Consider talking to the sales manager or HR department to find out who is leading the charge. If they haven’t thought about it, be the expert and make educated suggestions. We have listed some great ideas to bring up. 

Why are promotional products pivotal in supporting Customer Service Week?

Promotional products, aside from being fun and useful, are an excellent way to say thank you and build employee loyalty. Customer Service Week is the perfect opportunity to remind the front-line team(s) of how much the company cares and appreciates everything that they do daily.  Unlike just a free lunch, the employee will use the gifted products that display the company logo on a constant basis, acting as a reminder that they are valued.

Great Customer Service Week Ideas

Customer Service week focuses on team building and appreciation. While different organizations support these efforts in different ways, here are some common themes:

Catered in Breakfast or Lunch: Who doesn’t like free food? Or even better, organize potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish.

Themed dress day: PJ’s day or dress as someone you admire is a great way to have some fun.

Awards and recognition: Recognize top Customer Service Staff with awards and branded merchandise.

Decorate your desk: Bring out the balloons and streamers to showcase the celebration.

Giving back: Choose a charity or organization, and run a food drive, clean a park, or do an organized walk.

Top Customer Service Week Gifts 

Desktop Wrist Support Gift Set – This gift set is perfect for the heavy keyboard user. Not only is there an incredible imprint area for fantastic art, but the products in this gift set will also make working on a computer more comfortable.

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand – This phone stand is so much more than what it looks like. It is a great place to hold your smartphone business cards. Its microfiber bottom cleans the smartphone and the desktop monitor screen as well.

The Smart Charge HG Series Charger Kit – This item GORGEOUS, and it is a great place to display a meaningful thank you message! This power bank charger kit is a great gift on its own, or an add on to a larger gift set.

Don’t forget your own Customer Service Team!

This is an excellent opportunity for a self-promo! Take advantage of your new amazing ideas to showcase your own customer service department and to thank them for all that they do!