What’s Eco-NEW!

Be Clean and Green!

We are excited to offer the NEW Eco Smart Cloth Thin! This cloth combines the lightweight feel and cleaning power of thin microfiber while making a positive environmental impact for the long term. It is ethically made out of recycled plastic water bottles, rPET. It wipes away dirt, dust, and smudges from many delicate surfaces such as mobile device screens and eyewear. Full-color branding looks stunning, and it’s reusable! Wash it, and it’s like new. This is such a win-win!

In addition, this fantastic eco-friendly cleaning tool is available with eco-friendly Eco Spark™ Recycled Packaging, made out of Recycled Matte Cover, an FSC certified recycled stock. This material is the perfect option for environmentally friendly customers.

Conscious sourcing is required by more and more brands and consumers. As manufacturers, we have a responsibility to adjust our practices to match that demand. Toddy Gear is committed to decreasing our footprint by increasing our selection of eco-friendly products. 

Things to Note

  • Companies are regulating what can be gifted at their events. Gifts have to be tied to positive environmental impact. 
  • The importance of communicating the brand message on an eco-friendly product.
  • The importance of focusing on the benefits of sustainable and reusable promotional products. 
  • Sustainable made and reusable products effectively market brands and act as extensions of the brand message.

What are you doing in your own practices to make an impact?

Maybe your next pitch and self-promo should include a thin cloth made of recycled plastic bottles packaged in an eco-friendly Spark box. Or, a product that is filled with beads made out of recycled milk cartons. Help your customers brand with sustainable promotional products. Remember, if you don’t tell them, they might not realize that working with you is helping them make a positive impact on the environment. 

Questions to Ask Your Eco-Conscious Customers

  • What are your client’s eco goals? 
  • Are your current giveaways sending the right environmental message?
  • Do your clients have any restrictions that may require eco options. Did you ask?
  • Does your client have a Chief Sustainability Officer? How can you help them?