Build Your Kit

Smart brands build strong relationships with employees and customers—one of the best ways to do this is to use high-valued gifts that deliver brand messaging and utility. 

The most in-demand gifts right now are work from home kits, customer appreciation gifts, and thank you gifts that keep brands top of mind.

We have handpicked the most popular products to engage, assist, and energize the people brands care about most. 

See the entire Mix & Match Collection here.

How Does It Work? 

  1. Select at least 3 products from our Mix & Match Collection to build the perfect kit, here
  2. The minimum order is 50 kits.
  3. Request virtuals of the selected items via this form or email for virtuals and a quote for special kit pricing. 

We highly recommend using one of our Smart Pouch Thin as a packaging solution. These pouches are great as packaging and are reusable. The pouch can be used for virtually anything after the initial gift is made.