Building Loyalty with Self-Promo’s

We all believe in the power of promotional products, and that is why we love this industry. We know that keeping in front of clients is essential when things are going well. With everything happening right now, it is even more critical to remind clients that we are there to help them. 

Here are some out of the box ideas that make sending out self-promos and hosting virtual meetings to the next level.

Merge Physical and Interactive 

Once you have selected a self-promo, have it dropshipped to your clients. Follow-up with an email letting them know that a gift set of awesome items is coming their way. Let them know you will be hosting a virtual show-and-tell meeting with some great ideas on how to use these promotional items in uncertain times that we are facing in. Give your client multiple dates and times when you are available, of course, that is after you know when your self-promo will be delivered.

 There is More Than One Way to Have a Face-to-Face Meeting

There is more than one way to hold a face-to-face meeting, and it does not have to be in-person. One of the most popular ways that people are staying in touch is FREE Zoom video conference software that is extremely easy to use. Another excellent free service is Webex by Cisco.

Nothing beats putting a product sample with your company logo in the customer’s hands, even if it is sent to them. 

Sending self-promos is an extremely effective way to promote your business, sending useful self-promos is better, sending useful self-promos and hosting a virtual lunch and learn with your clients is a home run!

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