How to Keep It Going

Staying visible during a turbulent time is a crucial factor in winning business when things get back to normal. Make sure your clients know now that you are there for them, to help them in any way you can, but how? 

How do I keep it going? What can I do to stay in front of my clients

Keep it going by touching base with your clients; find out how they are doing, ask about their family. Ask about their transition to working remotely, and how has that impacted routine, their clients, their overall business, etc. See where the conversation leads you. With this said, make sure you have a general plan in mind. An idea that you can tailor based on where the conversation leads you in regards to what you would like to offer your client that will help them stay top-of-mind and contribute to assisting their clients in identifying products that will move their business forward. 

So many thoughts may run through your mind at this point but know that you are not alone, and you can do it. Suppliers are your support team. 

Did you know most suppliers offer marketing resources? Suppliers are here to help you. Superb suppliers will deliver great marketing materials to you personalized with your logo, your contact info, and your specification of what type of information you need on the flyer like —- no pricing, coded pricing, no part number, completely customized. See an example here

Check with your preferred suppliers or check out a new supplier that you might not be familiar with and see what they have to offer, you may find someone great. 

Your true partners will provide you with: 

·      Personalized Flyers – Flyers that have your company logo and your contact information on them. To take it above and beyond, specify if you want coded price, no pricing, no part numbers, etc. Request personalized flyers here.

·      Personalized Videos – Suppliers have client-friendly videos available for download, and some suppliers personalize these videos with your logo and contact information. Download video’s here, request personalized videos here.

·      Social Media Content – Anything you see on a supplier social media page is something that can be provided to you. Check out our Facebook page and reach out to and let them know what images or videos you would like to use.

·      Product Photos – Product photos are great to add to presentations and emails. They should be readily available from supplier’s websites in the form of a download, or you can right-click on the photo and select “Save Image As…” 

Get in touch with your supplier and see how they can help you help your clients engage with their clients and thank their employees during these trying times. Suppliers will help you keep it going.

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