Not All Gaiters Are Created Equal!

When we read a publicized study by a reputable university, we tend to believe what it says, but in some instances, we must question what we are being told. You may know of a recent study published by Duke University that has disrupted the promotional gaiter business and has shed a bad light on the gaiter industry as a whole when it comes to the gaiter being used as a PPE item. When your customers are going to ask you about this study, let them know the following: 

  • Only one gaiter was tested.
  • The tested gaiter was a polyester/spandex material blend.
  • The gsm (grams per square meter) makes a difference. The study did not list the gsm of the tested gaiter.

Think of it this way: all cars have 4-wheels and an engine. So, why would you buy one car over the other? Not all cars are created equal, and neither are all gaiters. 

See what the New York Times has to say in response to the Duke University study.