Boost Sales by Staying Current With the Latest Face Mask Trends

A mask is not just a mask anymore. It’s a fashion statement. It’s about comfort, it’s about effectiveness, and it’s about fit. Companies release new mask models, and you may think — “I’m all set,” “Don’t need another mask,” “They are all the same,”…. which causes you to not open an email or request a sample of a newly released mask. If you have this type of mindset, you are putting yourself in a position of “missing out”. 

It’s up to us, the promo suppliers, to deliver mask solutions that merge brands’ needs with customers, prospects, and employees’ preferences. Whether masks are a suggestion or a requirement, people want fun, comfortable masks that have designs that support their values while showcasing their favorite brands.

With so many masks available today, getting comfortable with the first solution we find our customers liking and sticking with is an option, but not an option that will help you grow your sales. 

Newly released products, or the next generation of an existing item, bring new features and enhancements. They tend to meet customer demands, helping you deliver a product they want. In particular, masks are getting better and better on all levels, including fit, fabric, and function. So, don’t ignore the new product emails. Request samples where available so you can test the product firsthand and make up your mind about the value of the product to your customers.  

Staying on Top of Current and Evolving Mask Trends that Fit Customer Budgets

There are many mask styles available at various price points. Good, better, and best options, including a 1-layer, 2-layer, and 3-layer options with and without a filter pocket. Beware of a common misconception: Single-layer masks are not less effective than 2-layer masks. The effectiveness of a mask depends on the material it’s made off. 

 Don’t discount single layer masks as less effective than 2-layer masks until you learn about the material used to make them. For any mask you select, it’s always recommended to do the candle test. See the candle test example here with the Fx3 – Everyday Face Mask with Filter Pocket.

1-Layer Cloth Mask

A single layer mask made out of the right material is a goldmine. Single-layer face masks, for the most part, are less expensive than their 2-layer and 3-layer counterparts. A lot of single-layer face masks feature a pleated design or center seam construction. Most single-layer masks do not include a nose bridge. They are extremely breathable and are made from various types of materials. With a single-layer mask, be aware of the material it’s made from, always get a sample, and always do the candle test. Not all single-layer masks are equal!

The Microfiber Face Mask Washable and Reusable is an extremely soft, durable, breathable, and comfortable single-layer mask option. Made in the USA!

2-Layer Cloth Mask & 2-Layer Cloth Mask with Filter Pocket

A 2-layer face mask is similar to a 1-layer face mask with an addition of a second layer of material for increased effectiveness. Some 2-layer masks have a built-in filter pocket that accommodate a standard PM2.5 filter to further enhance the mask’s efficiency. Don’t automatically assume that a 3-layer mask is better than a 2-layer mask. It all comes down to the material. 

Toddy Gear 2-Layer Microfiber Face Mask with Nose Bridge – Reusable and Washable

The latest innovation in 2-layer masks is the use of a patent-pending antiviral material as the inside layer while still having the ability to add a filter. The new 2-layer masks using the antiviral material are ideal for any situation, even when it is hard to control others’ proximity and assist with decreasing cross-contamination. 

3-Layer Cloth Mask 

A 3-layer mask has 3-layers of material. Most common is a soft cotton blend as a middle and inside layer, and a polyester outside layer, which is one of the best materials for full-color, photo-quality dye sublimated decoration. 

These masks are suitable for everyday use, including going to work, grocery stores, public transportation, and anywhere you’d usually go while trying to maintain social distancing. 

The feature-packed Fx3 Everyday – Face Mask with Filter Pocket is one of the most comfortable, best-fitting, and stay-put 3-layer mask options available. Click here to learn more.

Specialty Masks

Specialty masks are driven by enhanced design or unique materials used to make the mask ideal for its intended purpose. Masks that focus on breathability, comfort, and cooling are geared towards sports and active lifestyles. In contrast, masks with antiviral properties are positioned to commuters, office staff, and any events where and extra “layer” of protection is needed. 

Unofficial Effectiveness Test

Candle Test with Microfiber Face Mask Washable and Reusable

With any masks you are selling, make sure to administer the “candle test.” Watch the sample test here with Toddy Gear Microfiber Pleated Mask.

As the needs of customers change, so does the offering of masks that become available. Ensure you stay caught up on masks’ latest offering. Don’t skip that new mask email! Read it and get a sample test for yourself and decide if it’s worth showing to your customer. They may never know they want an upgrade till you tell them there is something better available.