Hot Summer, Cool Customer!

Are you ready to take full advantage of these seasonal events? 


Spring is the start of prime construction season, and planning ahead is essential in both the construction industry and the promo industry. Call on construction companies and remind them of great employee gifts like cooling gear. 

Cooling gear like the ICE Cooling Active Band reduces heat stress by keeping the wearer cool for extended periods. This cooling gear can be worn in many different ways, such as a bandana, under a hard hat, around the neck, and pulled over the head, just to name a few.

The busiest months for construction season are June 1st to November 30th, so let’s get calling!

Events – 5K, 10K, and Marathons

In-person and virtual 5K, 10K, and marathons are coming back full force.

Even if it’s a 90-degree day with oppressive humidity in the air, brands can provide excellent cooling options in their gift bags! ICE Cooling Gear provides ample branding space for all sponsor logos while helping make every sultry, hot day manageable.

Summer Outdoor Events

Yes, outdoor summer festivals are back, and so is the opportunity to brand with giveaways! We would also like to suggest recommending Cooling Gear to be added to the merch stand offering. 

Sporting Events

Think ICE Cooling Rally Wraps as giveaways, or as merch stand favorites that hit two birds with one stone!

Summer Camps

What better way to make a lasting impression than gifting campers cooling gear! 

Lawn and Gardening

We may also suggest reaching out to companies that manufacture lawn and garden equipment. Cooling Gear is a great promotional branding tool that 100% will be used time and time again.

Check out our full Cooling Gear offering here!