Samples Get the Order

No matter how impressive suppliers’ images look or how detailed a 3D model looks, a physical product sample is still the best sales tool you have in your arsenal. 

Product samples are highly beneficial to converting potential customers and convincing current customers that this is the product they need. The number one way to connect a person to a product is to put a sample in their hands. Samples have the highest likelihood of influencing a purchasing decision. Why?

  • Creates an emotional bond between the person and the sample is given
  • Reciprocity. You give someone something for FREE, and most people have a very strong obligation to do something back for you. 

A FREE sample is also the key to building a long-lasting connection that will keep people coming back to the person with the samples versus someone else. 

Samples increase exposure and allow the customer to “get a hands-on experience” with the item. It’s a great idea to build a portfolio of your favorite supplier’s products to hand out as samples, especially to those who have never ordered that particular product before. People feel more confident ordering a product they have touched and felt versus seeing a photo.  

Do samples work? 

YES! Here are just a few reasons why samples work:

  • Increased awareness — People who have never seen the product or heard of the brand can have that hands-on experience with a product sample. 
  • Build connections — Everyone loves getting gifts! People tend to feel a closer connection to the person who gave them the sample and the product when they have a sample on hand.
  • Samples increase sales — It’s a fact.

It’s easy to track sample ROI:

  • You know exactly what you are giving away
  • You know who you are giving it away to
  • You know if they placed an order 

Did you get the order? 

ALWAYS follow up on distributed samples. If an order did not come in, follow up and find out what happened. Who knows, maybe it was given to a coworker (get their contact info) that may have a perfect opportunity for the item!

Be an overachiever? 

Samples are a great and inexpensive way to make strong connections with clients and prospects. But, you can always do better! Do you have a product you love and know that others will love too? Get yourself a self-promo of that item! Not only will you be giving out a sample of a fantastic item you believe in, but they will always remember who they received the sample from, and who to place the order with!

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Reminder! most manufacturers offer below EQP pricing, low-order minimums, and free setup on self-promo orders.