The Universality and Value of Microfiber as a Promotional Giveaway

Promotional Microfiber is one of those products that typically gets overlooked unless specifically requested. I know Microfiber, how passe. But honestly, when I receive a microfiber cloth at an event, I keep it. Why do you ask? One, you can never have too many! It is small enough to fit in my pocket, and it’s functional. It is useful on many fronts, whether to clean my sunglasses and phone or even wipe my hands when a napkin is unavailable. I offer that I am not alone in this view. Ask anyone who has received a microfiber cloth, and they will tout the many benefits and uses of having one available.

Is it effective as a promotional tool? I would venture to say it is a highly effective tool for companies of any size. I am sure there are studies to support this premise, but who has the time or expense for this scientific research. Let’s talk from first-hand experience. Throw in full-color decoration and maybe that extra special double-sided Microfiber. You have a winning combination of economic promotional material at one’s fingertips combined with numerous use cases that the receiver of the product can put to use daily.

You may say it’s a microfiber cloth. It’s not for my education, pharma, tire shop, doctor’s You may say it’s a microfiber cloth. It’s not for my education, pharma, tire shop, doctor’s office, you name the customer. Yes, it is a microfiber cloth — and that is its beauty! Use cases apply to any industry and, ultimately, any budget. How can a microfiber cloth fit any industry?

Think bigger than the product itself. Say you are working on a project for a golf course. You will brainstorm products that someone may use while golfing, for example, golf balls, golf towels, golf tees, etc. That is great. But promo products do more than just hit the spot when someone is on the golf course. Great promotional gifts have a life beyond the activity/outing or event they are received. Great promotional products are incorporated into daily life after the event is over.  Your return on investment increases each day of their continued use beyond the event, as opposed to only those products utilized only for the specific event.

Think outside the products that represent the activity and think of products that will represent the brand after the event. Yes, the items may not have anything to do with the specific theme of the event but represent the brand and remind people of the event via the branded decoration on the item.

To some, Microfiber is a hard sell, it is a price point to others, but it should be the easiest and one of the most effective sells for most.

The challenge with handing out microfiber cloths is that if it does not come in a package. It does not bring the WOW!, i.e.,  the value that today’s consumers and employees are looking for– the “unboxing experience.” Any brand can elevate that experience with packaging options that range from a clear plastic envelope or a reusable zip pouch to a fully decorated box.

Fully decorated boxes made specifically for the microfiber cloth are an ideal add-on to communicate brand messaging, provide educational or wayfinding info, and direct recipients to additional product information or where to purchase the product.

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