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About Us

Toddy Gear began with one simple goal—clean screens effectively and fashionably to enhance the world’s gadgets. In 2010, Toddy Gear entered the retail market with the Smart Cloth, the first premium dual-sided microfiber cleaning cloth for removing dirt, grime, and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets, computer monitors, and eyewear.

Toddy Gear expanded its reach in 2011 to service the promotional marketplace with full-color, fully customizable microfiber products. What began with a premium cleaning cloth evolved into a wide variety of dual-purpose solutions available in various sizes to fulfill customer needs, including mobile device stands, desktop accessories, pouches, custom packaging, and much more for storing and cleaning gadgets and other valuables.

In Toddy Gear fashion, 2015 brought exciting microfiber product line expansions and new product additions to the portfolio. The introduction of new tech accessories included phone wallets, an expanded microfiber product offering, and a variety of power banks that brought to the forefront the best of Toddy Gear innovation and capabilities.

Today, Toddy Gear is redefining the way promotional products are made and always strives to bring high-quality and unique products to the promotional space.

Put your Trust in Toddy Gear

Toddy Gear has a proven track record of innovating fun, useful products, and is continually imaginging new ways to satisfy the ever-changing needs of valued customers. 

  • A+ customer service 
  • Product intergrity 
  • Dedicated designers
  • Proven imprinting techniques 
  • Commitment to continuous innovation

Unparalleled quality of Toddy Gear products includes:

  • 100%, premium microfiber to deliver the best cleaning power and quality
  • Dual-sided cleaning — Plush microfiber on one side to clean and a fully customizable silky microfiber on the other to polish
  • Protective coating to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and odors
  • Naturally hydrophilic - absorbs oils, removes dust and smudges without the need for potentially harmful sprays
  • Environmentally friendly, reusable and washable
About Us