Your Guide to Promotional Charge and Sync Cables

With everybody using smartphones, tablets and other portable devices these days, Charge and Sync cables have become a part of our everyday lives. They’re highly visible, which is what makes them great promotional products. Next time you walk through an office, school, an airport or your home, notice just how many charge and sync cables you see charging phones/tablets connected to an outlet, or charge and sync their device directly to a laptop or desktop computer.

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How Wide-ranging is the Market for Tech Accessories?

A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting opposite an elderly couple in a café.

They were a friendly pair and struck up a conversation as soon as I sat down. It turned out that it was their granddaughter’s birthday, and they were about to Skype her to wish her a happy birthday.

At first, I thought nothing of it. But, as I sat there sipping my Macha latte and reading the morning ’s headlines on my tablet, I realized just how accessible and widely used technology has become. I couldn’t imagine my great-grandparents being able to switch on a tablet, let alone make a video call. Watching how easily the elderly couple were able to navigate their tech, it dawned on me that people from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups use computers, smartphones, and tablets and are comfortable doing so.

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