The Universality and Value of Microfiber as a Promotional Giveaway

Promotional Microfiber is one of those products that typically gets overlooked unless specifically requested. I know Microfiber, how passe. But honestly, when I receive a microfiber cloth at an event, I keep it. Why do you ask? One, you can never have too many! It is small enough to fit in my pocket, and it’s functional. It is useful on many fronts, whether to clean my sunglasses and phone or even wipe my hands when a napkin is unavailable. I offer that I am not alone in this view. Ask anyone who has received a microfiber cloth, and they will tout the many benefits and uses of having one available.

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You may think all mouse pads are created equal, but they are not! Find out why. 

Mouse pads are long-lasting gifts. With everyday use, a mouse pad typically lasts 5 to 10 years before it needs to be replaced, and this is true whether you are a gamer, casual user, designer, or office user. The mousepad sits there right under the wrist all day. What other product in this industry has this long of a lifespan? What better branding opportunity can you get? 

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Custom Packaging and The Impact On Promotional Gifts

Why even think of packaging for promo products? The general impression is that custom packaging is super expensive, and the thought is, “My customer will never go for it.” So here is a question for you. Are you really sure? Are you sure your customer will leave increased brand perception and increased likelihood that their brand will be thought of when a product or service is needed on the table for an additional $$ per gift?

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Put A Wedge On It!

If you are familiar with The Wedge Mobile Device Stand family of products, you may think of it as a desktop item. While that’s true, but there are so many other ways to use it. These case studies will help put The Wedge into a whole new perspective!

If you are not familiar with The Wedge family of products, you have to get one! Request a sample here.

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Last-Minute Gifts

Are you currently in a pinch because your customers waited until the last minute to decide that they will be sending employee gifts this year? No need to panic. We have curated a selection of thoughtful and useful gifts that are fully-customizable and include full-color decoration, meeting nearly any budget requirement. These promo items will allow you to present gifts to your customers that employees will value. The best part? You can get them made in as little as 3 days from proof approval. We kit and dropship too!

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Why Settle? Do the Holidays Your Way!

The holiday season is in full swing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and you are flooded with holiday gift requests. Some requests are simple, while others are more difficult, requiring a bit of creative flair. In our industry, exceeding our customer’s expectations during the Holidays is always a bit of a challenge.

We’ve all been there before, hearing things like “WOW! I love this gift set! But… can we change this item to this other item?” or “This is almost perfect! But, can you find something that’s a bit cooler, or like, techier, for us?”

In the spirit of giving, we put together our most popular gift sets all in one place and are offering a discount when any 3 or more items are gifted together.  Need the gifts drop shipped?  We can do that too!

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Boost Sales by Staying Current With the Latest Face Mask Trends

A mask is not just a mask anymore. It’s a fashion statement. It’s about comfort, it’s about effectiveness, and it’s about fit. Companies release new mask models, and you may think — “I’m all set,” “Don’t need another mask,” “They are all the same,”…. which causes you to not open an email or request a sample of a newly released mask. If you have this type of mindset, you are putting yourself in a position of “missing out”. 

It’s up to us, the promo suppliers, to deliver mask solutions that merge brands’ needs with customers, prospects, and employees’ preferences. Whether masks are a suggestion or a requirement, people want fun, comfortable masks that have designs that support their values while showcasing their favorite brands.

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