Unwrapping Success: The Importance of Early Planning for Holiday Promotional Gifts

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to unwrap the potential of promotional gifts and promo products. These strategic assets do more than amplify brand visibility, foster customer loyalty, and stimulate sales. They also serve as a testament to a brand’s foresight and meticulous planning.

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Jason Emery on Current and Future Sustainability Initiatives at Toddy Gear

Dear Valued Customer, 

I am so excited to let you know about the sustainability strides we have made this year. Over the past several years, we have searched for ways in which Toddy Gear could take a stance in maintaining a healthy business while enhancing our sustainability initiatives as they relate to the products we produce.  As a result of these initiatives, we have strengthened our sustainability commitments and made significant progress. I am pleased to share one major step of many towards reaching that goal. 

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PPAI Update

PPAI Update

Note from Jason Emery, President, Toddy Gear

Dear Customer,

Like many of you, I am disappointed that we will not be at the PPAI Expo to meet and mingle with everyone this year.  Nothing greater highlights my love for this industry other than the PPAI Expo.  It is truly the epicenter of what makes this industry great.  There is no right or wrong decision as to whether or not to attend, only a decision that is specific to the interests of our employees and their families as well as Toddy Gears’ ability to continue to service its clients.  This is the first time that Toddy Gear will not attend this great event, and hopefully, the only time.   We will truly miss seeing everyone who attends.

Even though we are not at the show, we would love to show our new releases. Get your first-hand experience with our latest products by reaching out to your Toddy Gear sales rep or emailing our team at sales@toddypromo.com to set up a one-on-one meeting or a group session. 

Thank you,

Jason Emery

Custom Packaging and The Impact On Promotional Gifts

Why even think of packaging for promo products? The general impression is that custom packaging is super expensive, and the thought is, “My customer will never go for it.” So here is a question for you. Are you really sure? Are you sure your customer will leave increased brand perception and increased likelihood that their brand will be thought of when a product or service is needed on the table for an additional $$ per gift?

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Welcome Back To The Office Pitch Ideas

More and more companies are setting up plans to bring people back to the office. Whether a company is planning a full or gradual return, they are taking the time to think about how to welcome back their teams. 

Everyone will have different feelings about returning to the office. Some employees will welcome the return, while others will be fearful and very anxious to head back for various reasons. So, how are companies going to ease the transition back? Communication and welcome back gifts are a part of that formula. 

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