How to Select Promotional Products that People “DO Remember”!

Scooch Wingback

How many times have you personally seen a commercial and loved it, but could not remember the brand that it was advertising? We all have these moments, but, really, what a waste. Advertising 101 tells us that a consumer must see an ad seven times before remembering a brand. We call it the rule of seven. But with the onset of social media and living in a world inundated with noise, is seven even enough?

Helping brands find promotional products that people remember is more than just the gifting a trinket. The item must have a connection to the audience, be useful in their day-to-day life and the artwork/message on the item must resonate with the user while being relevant to the brand for it to make the maximum impact.

It has been proven that promotional products have one of the lowest costs per impression of all advertising mediums. But no one talks about a way to break through the noise and get noticed. No one talks about how to select a promotional product and have it become essential to its owner.

Promotional products that are used daily make an impact.

Impactful products seamlessly integrate into our lives and they make our day-to-day routines just a bit easier. The ones that solve that “small-problem-that-could-have-been-a-big-one” if it was not for that item. Think about what items you use every day.

Items that indulge the clean God(dess) in us 

Screen Cleaner

How many times do you touch your screen in a day? According to Deloitte, an average of 80 times each day. How many times does that screen get smudged? Sticky? Even if it is only once or twice a day, the screen cleaner is in front of the user’s eyes 2 x 7 x 52 = 728 times a year. That is a lot of impressions and impressions WIN mindshare. 

Items that come to the rescue when a phone battery is low

Branded Power Bank

Did you ever notice that smartphone batteries seem to run out faster and faster? We spend so much time on our phones that phone batteries cannot keep up with our demand. Trying to wrap up a conference call, finishing that email that the team is waiting on, or taking a video of the band you love and then phone’s battery is suddenly about to die. We have all been there. Who comes to the rescue? The branded power bank that they received last week for opening a credit card. The branded power bank included with their concert VIP gift. The branded power bank that they received for opening a new account. Who really comes to the rescue when the phone battery is running low? Yes, the brand that gave them a power bank. 

Items that assist at the place most of us spend our entire day

Smart Map

For many of us, we live in front of a computer screen. A study recently found that American workers spend over two months of every year in front of a computer screen. That is a lot of time and a lot of visibility. That time in front of the computer screen is a great branding opportunity that needs to be seized! Desktop promotional items are the way to do it. Think about how a webcam cover will place the brand in line-of-sight every minute while working on the computer and protecting their privacy. Think of a phone stand or a charging pad that sits on the desk. Think of a cable that connects mobile devices to their computer or charger that matches the branding on the phone stand. Think mousepads, wrist rests, and keyboard rests! Desktop accessories are the kings and queens of delivering functionality, impressions and prolonged brand exposure. 

Items that strengthen brand recognition while thanking the recipient

At this festive time of year, top clients will receive so many different gifts. But what will last after the season is over? Is it the chocolates that are quickly eaten? Is it the bottle of wine that collects dust on the shelf? How about the golf balls that are stacked up in the garage for another time and place?

By providing a gift that is used every day by all consumers, companies can be sure that their brand will be seen past the temporary treats. Useful gifts go beyond on the spot entertainment, they are things that people not only will want to use but will come by to ask if they can have another. 

They say it takes at least seven views to remember an ad. With the power of promotional products, it is easy to surround the target audience with company branding while they go about their business due to the strategic selection of branded items that customers integrate into their daily routine. 

Functional products are the product we use every day. These products become brand ambassadors creating trust and enhancing brand recognition, ultimately making that brand “the brand they DO remember.” 


Study: Average Worker Spends 1,700 Hours In Front Of Computer Screen