Building Loyalty with Self-Promo’s

We all believe in the power of promotional products, and that is why we love this industry. We know that keeping in front of clients is essential when things are going well. With everything happening right now, it is even more critical to remind clients that we are there to help them. 

Here are some out of the box ideas that make sending out self-promos and hosting virtual meetings to the next level.

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Build Your Kit

Smart brands build strong relationships with employees and customers—one of the best ways to do this is to use high-valued gifts that deliver brand messaging and utility. 

The most in-demand gifts right now are work from home kits, customer appreciation gifts, and thank you gifts that keep brands top of mind.

We have handpicked the most popular products to engage, assist, and energize the people brands care about most. 

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COVID-19 Update (3/22/20)

To Our Loyal Customers;

On Friday, March 20, 2020, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that all Illinois residents must “stay-at-home” in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This order includes the closure of all non-essential businesses within the state until April 7, 2020. As a result, Toddy Gears Bolingbrook, IL production facility must close until such a time where we are allowed to re-open. During this time, several of our staff members will be working from home and are available to respond by email or phone to provide information on existing and future order inquiries. 

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What’s Eco-NEW!

Be Clean and Green!

We are excited to offer the NEW Eco Smart Cloth Thin! This cloth combines the lightweight feel and cleaning power of thin microfiber while making a positive environmental impact for the long term. It is ethically made out of recycled plastic water bottles, rPET. It wipes away dirt, dust, and smudges from many delicate surfaces such as mobile device screens and eyewear. Full-color branding looks stunning, and it’s reusable! Wash it, and it’s like new. This is such a win-win!

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