Accelerate Your Success with the 3XPRESS Rush Service

Speed and efficiency are golden qualities in the fast-paced world of promotional products. The 3XPRESS Rush Service embodies these qualities. But what exactly is a 3XPRESS order, and how does it benefit you and your customers? Let’s unwrap these questions.

What is a 3XPRESS Order?

The 3XPRESS Rush Service provides a FREE 3-day rush for orders with full-color decoration and a proof. This service caters to urgent orders requiring a swift turnaround without compromising quality or customization options. It’s a testament to Toddy Gear’s commitment to delivering timely and efficient customer service.

Do I Get a Proof with a 3XPRESS Order?

Yes, you do! A proof will be delivered within 3 business hours of receipt of the purchase order and artwork. This proof allows you to see exactly what the item’s artwork will look like, ensuring you and your client are completely satisfied before the item(s) go into production.

What to Expect When Placing a 3XPRESS Order?

When a 3XPRESS order is placed, expect a streamlined and efficient process. Orders must be submitted via email, and the purchase order should include all the necessary details, such as the correct part number, color(s), quantity, required ship date, and more. 

Once your order is processed, changes cannot be made to any aspect of the order, and cancellations are not allowed. This ensures that the order is streamlined for processing and delivery as swiftly as possible.

How Long Does a 3XPRESS Order Take?

The 3XPRESS Rush Service promises a 3-day production time, which begins upon receipt of proof approval. For instance, if you approve the proof on a Tuesday, the order will be ready to ship by Friday. This quick turnaround time ensures you can meet your clients’ needs, even when working with tight deadlines.

The 3XPRESS Rush Service combines speed, efficiency, and quality, ensuring you can deliver top-notch promotional products to your clients in record time. So, why wait? Harness the power of the 3XPRESS Program today and gear up for sales success! 

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