The Secret to Great Customer Experience

 Can you tell the difference between good customer experience and great customer experience?

A scenario popped up here a couple of weeks ago that demonstrated that difference.

So, what happened?

One of our sales reps got a call from a client that needed 27,000 Wedges to be produced and drop shipped to 147 different international locations. This client was launching a new app – a huge deal for them – and they needed the Wedges in time for the launch date.

Delivering 27,000 wedges to 147 different international locations isn’t a problem for us. We’re well equipped to handle large orders like this one.

What made the scenario especially challenging was the turnaround time.

27,000 Wedges is a lot of Wedges. And, as you’ll probably appreciate, producing an order of that size takes a fair few days. Up to 45 days to be exact. Just to give you an example, standard turnaround time for 1,000 wedges is 7-10 business days.

The problem was, our client didn’t have 45 days. Their new app – the jewel in the crown of their business portfolio that they’d been working on for months – was launching in three weeks. And they needed those 27,000 Wedges in those 147 different international locations by that date.

At this point, we could have told the client it wasn’t possible. But, this launch was a big deal to them. The Wedge was the product they had their heart set on, and we had to help them make it happen.

Besides, the team here at Toddy likes a challenge and were determined to make this work.  As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

So, our elite ninja squad of staff members put their heads together to come up with a solution to this seemingly impossible situation while not monopolizing any of our already existing production resources. A couple of coffee pots and some animated discussion later, we’d worked out a way to get it done: opening a new production line specifically to complete this order.

Now, opening a new production line is by no means an easy task. In fact, it’s a huge undertaking. But, we love our customers, and we knew that we’d need to go the extra mile to get them the result they were after.

Thrilled that we’d worked out a way to do it, we accepted the job from the much-relieved customer and set about putting our noses to the grind, tackling the Herculean order in front of us head-on.

 The result?

Three weeks later, 27,000 pieces had been drop shipped to 147 locations, in time for the app launch.

“Wow! You guys nailed it! I really cannot thank you enough!”

This was the message we received from our client, who had an elated customer on their hands after a tremendously successful app launch. It was proof, if any was needed, that we’d delivered the goods to support the launch of a great app.

The takeaway?

Good customer experience means delivering a superb quality product on time.

Great customer experience comes from something else. Great customer experience comes, not just from delivering a top-notch product on time, but from how you deliver it. And, it’s about overcoming issues without burdening the customer, whether those challenges are customer caused or internal.

Offering friendly, dedicated and customer-focused service in your day-to-day work is something that every company should do. But, truly great customer service sometimes means going above and beyond the call of duty, especially if it’s to help out client that is really in a bind. That’s what we do at Toddy Gear and its one of the many reasons we have such a great relationship with our customers.

If you’re struggling with a large volume order, an incredibly tight turnaround time, or if you need amazing virtuals, think Toddy Gear. We live for the challenge, and our customer service is second to none.

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