Meet Isaac Delgado – Plant Manager

Officially, as Toddy Gear’s plant manager, Isaac’s job is to oversee operations and factory employees. But in reality, he’s more like a genius mad scientist!

“I get to play with all of our products before anyone else does,” Isaac says, “I get to tear them apart and finding fun ways to make and decorate them. I love coming up with solutions.”

When he’s not being Toddy Gear’s own Dr. Emmett Brown (Great Scott Marty!) Isaac is a keen foodie — Thai cuisine is his favorite — and a dedicated father. The most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to him at work was “getting dunked into a vat of syrup” (it’s a long story. . .) and, appropriately enough, “tinkering” is his great passion outside of work.

Uncomplicated, ambitious, and hardworking, Isaac is the guy that makes things happen. His life’s motto is “let’s do this thing,” who would have thought otherwise?!