6 Great Reasons to Reach Out to Your Customer!

Special Deal: Everyone likes a deal! The best is when the supplier is offering a special you can pass along to your customer. Make their day by sharing this limited incentive.

Order Follow-up: Reach out after they received an order to get feedback and ask what other projects they have coming up. If it was for an event or project, ask how the project went and even for pictures. This is a great chance to also tie in your social media to show off some happy customers.

New Products: Did you see something that was cool and new? Or maybe it is a classic that is just new to them. It’s always fun to share an exciting product.

The Right Time: It’s never really too late or too early to reach out to a customer. Consider asking your customer for their event calendar so you can help them stay on track with proactive ideas. They will appreciate the help!

Touching Base: Ask if they are working on anything else you can help with. Or even just talk to them about what is new with them. Maybe they went on a fishing trip, had a great golf game or even bout a new dress. Getting to know them will help build your relationships and remind them you are a partner, not just a vendor. 

Special Occasions: Is there a birthday coming up? Did they just get a new title? Send them a small gift and follow-up email handwritten note or phone call. The motivation with this call is not to sell, just to celebrate! If the conversation strays to a project great! If it does not keep it to the reason you called