Travel Caddies, What You Need to Know!

We all know how frustrating it is to dig inside that black hole of a bag looking for that charging cable, charger, or headphones. It seems that exactly what you need is always hiding somewhere at the bottom of that bag.

A travel caddy is the type of product that a person does not know they need until they have one. Not only are travel caddies useful and have a long lifespan, but they also offer one of the largest imprint areas of any tech accessory out there.

Styles of Travel Caddies

There are many styles of travel caddies out there. We are going to focus on the ones that offer excellent branding area, are ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle and what you need to know when looking for a tech caddy to pitch to your customers.

Fold-over Caddy

The fold-over caddy provides a combination of both zipper and elastic pockets as well as elasticized bands that will hold anything from tech accessories and school supplies to toiletries. This style of caddy goes from flat to compact within seconds, offering great utility. This style of caddy provides one of the largest decoration areas that marketing/branding professionals love.

Fold-over Caddy Example: Toddy Tech Caddy (TTA050)

For fold-over caddies, an essential part is to place the branding for maximum exposure. It is best that each panel of the fold-over caddy is considered on its own when designing. If each panel is not considered individually, the decoration may look great when the caddy is flat, but what happens when it’s rolled up? You see the point! Essential branding panels are the front and back of the caddy. These panels ensure brand exposure every time the caddy is used.

Flat Caddy

Flat caddies offer strategically placed elastic bands across its sturdy, flat surface. These elastic bands can hold smaller items like flash drives, pens, lip balm, and really anything that needs organizing in a briefcase or a purse. In comparison to the fold-over caddy, this style of caddy may offer a smaller, but still substantial, branding area. This option is a simple and straightforward solution for organizing the little things that always make it to the bottom in a backpack, briefcase or a purse.

Flat Caddy Example: Crossover Caddy (TTA054)

The Travel Caddy is a Great Promotional Tool

Travel caddies offer one of the largest branding areas of any tech accessory. When looking for a tech caddy, make sure to consider the following:

  • The size of the decoration area
  • That a full-color imprint is included in the price
  • That the decoration is strategically placed (when you are working with fold-over caddy)
  • That you are working with a trusted supplier

Tech caddies are great gifts for virtually any industry. Whether organizing tech accessories, school supplies, or toiletries, a travel caddy is a universal organizational tool that is great for anyone who loves to be organized and for companies that love to have their brand seen over and over again.

It’s time you introduce your customers to this great promotional tool. Toddy Gear has a selection of Travel Caddies get your sample or request a virtual.