Start Looking at Themed Products in a Whole New Way – Part 1

Has a customer requested theme? Are you wracking your brain to meet the requirements? How many times can you recommend the same boring themed item because it is what’s available?

There are times when the product is a natural fit. And then there are times when a product that meets the theme doesn’t do anything positive for the brand. Many generic themed products end up being left at the event or taken home and then forgotten. Short lifespan means no long-term branding, which means little or no ROI. 

Maybe your client has a 1-color logo and a dull color scheme. How many times can you add the same white imprint on a blue background before it starts to lose its effectiveness? Even retail brands like Starbucks and Coach have realized that an added flair of art/color is needed to get noticed, spark recognition, and to make an emotional connection. There has to be something “special” to make the product stand out and get noticed. 

Did your client ask for the dreaded “unique” idea, and you have exhausted your resources? Even on the most amazing products out there, you can only show the same themed item so many times. So, what do you do? You turn a great product that is not themed into an effective themed offering. How? Full-color, custom-designed artwork!

Artwork can elevate the promotional item and make it truly perfect, especially when full-color options are available. Not only will great decoration enhance the impression the item will make, and it is also more likely to be used and can make the brand exposure longer and broader.

Think of items that you use on a day-to-day basis: a cable, power bank, wireless charger, phone wallet? At the desk: phone stand, mousepad, or mat? Are you a traveler? Think tech caddies and travel organizers. These “tech and travel” items would ordinarily not fit the theme but include themed decoration, and suddenly the item becomes a treasure of everyday use, and a PROMO WIN! More impressions equal a higher ROI for your client, which equals more spending with their favorite partner, YOU! 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post: “How to Make Any Product “Theme-worthy”