Put A Wedge On It!

If you are familiar with The Wedge Mobile Device Stand family of products, you may think of it as a desktop item. While that’s true, but there are so many other ways to use it. These case studies will help put The Wedge into a whole new perspective!

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Online Floral Shop

An online floral shop was looking to convert the people who receive their flowers to people who send their flowers. 

Challenge: When the flowers are delivered, people immediately toss the box they came in. What is left to remind the recipient that this online floral shop is the best place to go the next time they need to send flowers?

Product: Unconventional for a flower shop to go with a tech accessory for a promotional gift, but it worked. The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand with Built-in Wireless Charger provided the canvas for a beautiful flower pattern, incorporated the logo, and communicated their website on the lip. 

Solution: Provide a universal and highly functional product that may not be thought of as a promotional gift received from a floral company with their branding and website information. The conversion rate of people who received flowers with the gift to people who sent flowers skyrocketed. Customer retention of this gift was higher than they had with any promotional item they have sent in the past.

Water Sports Equipment Brand

A fashion-forward water sports equipment brand wanted to strengthen brand loyalty with their 20 to 30 demographic outside their usual promotions related to water sports. Most promotional items they had used in the past were water sports accessory-themed and meant to be used when their audience was active.

Challenge: How to strengthen brand loyalty of their 20 to 30-year-old demographic. 

Product:  Their tech-savvy demographic live for their sport and their smartphone. The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand with Built-in Wireless Charger provided a tremendous branding opportunity to be top of mind.

¬†Solution:¬†Gift an unrelated, but a universally appealing product that delivers the brand message with fun, full-color graphics. The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand with Built-in Wireless Charger provided everyday usefulness inside and outside the home to their top customers. This campaign was one of their most successful, resulting in an increase of orders and an unexpected result of increased social media mentions leading to an uplift of new customers. Success!

Yoga Studio

When studios were forced to close, this boutique chain started seeing their clients request pauses and cancellations on their accounts. To maintain their customers, they quickly pivoted to a virtual approach of delivering classes. 

Challenge: How to encourage their current clients to not cancel or pause their account and encourage clients who have canceled or paused their account to reactivate their accounts after being paused or canceled. 

Product: The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand provided a way to support a smartphone at the perfect angle during yoga sessions. This would make a fantastic companion piece to help introduce their new live-streamed yoga classes.

Solution: The Yoga Studio developed a direct mail campaign that included a limited-time discount coupon and a non-traditional promotional item (not a yoga mat or a branded clothing item). The combination of the coupon and The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand gift resulted in enough customers who reinstated their accounts to help the studio to survive the worst of the pandemic. And, as a bonus, through word-of-mouth from their returning customers, the studio gained new virtual-only yogis. A Win-Win for everyone!


A chain of specialty parts automotive supply stores was looking to solidify its position as a one-stop-shop for DIY car enthusiasts. They added a specialty YouTube channel that provided step-by-step installation guides for classic car repairs.  

Problem: They were looking to promote their new YouTube channel via a non-automotive promotional gift that will be useful as a novice learns the “how-to” by watching videos on their channel.

Solution: The Wedge™ Mobile Device Stand was the ideal solution supporting their plan. It has a small footprint and can fit in the tightest places to hold a smartphone at a great viewing angle, leaving both hands to do what needs to be done. 

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