Something New! Get your foot in the door with the Featherlite™ Collection

Looking for something new? Can’t get a meeting without showing something that is not offered anywhere else? We have your solution—introducing the most customizable, full-bleed, full-color line of laptop, tablet, and eyewear sleeves, the Featherlite™ Collection! Made in USA.

It is time to step it up and show the best protective sleeve in the industry. A laptop, tablet, and eyewear sleeve that goes beyond a single imprint & color decoration area — be the first to show your customer the sleeve that gives them the most customization options to showcase their brand and get their message across.

Introducing the Featherlite™ Collection of laptop, tablet, and eyewear sleeves. These sleeves offer 3 Uniquely Yours decoration panels. All three decoration panels feature a high-definition, full-color dye sublimated imprint. All items in the collection feature a choice of hem colors and a gray super soft inside lining, not to mention our unique Featherlite Material. In addition, they are made in the USA.

3-Uniquely Yours Decoration Panels

  • Each sleeve offers 3 Uniquely Yours decoration areas. Each area can be a part of a whole design or can focus on displaying different elements of a campaign message. Each panel offers full-bleed, full-color decoration that provides a unique opportunity to have virtually limitless options to put a brand’s best foot forward. 

Specially Formulated Featherlite™ Material

We have crafted a unique material that combines the needs of the promotional industry with the needs of your clients and the expectations of your clients’ customers – meet Featherlite. 

The outside layer of the material is crafted for precision ink absorption delivering the highest definition and the most precise imprint possible, the most consistent color vibrancy, and an imprint that will not wash away.

The inside layer is a specially formulated ultra-durable sponge-like protective layer that is constructed to be a barrier between external hazards and the valuables inside.  

  • The third and final layer is a luxurious polyester inside that has a great feel and comes standard in an ultra-modern gray color.  

A Choice of Hem Colors

Make the match with a choice of two hem colors. 

  • Black hem offers the bold contrast between lighter colors or a blended look with darker designs. 
  • Cool Gray hem option delivers an undisputed classic look — taking nothing away from the artwork when light colors are used, while it will provide a stand-out look when paired with darker toned artwork. 

It’s a meeting with an existing customer, or a one-on-one with a new client that you are looking to land, rave to them about the new Featherlite™ Collection — the most robustly customizable laptop, tablet, and eyewear sleeves in the industry at a very competitive price. Samples are available here or get started with a Free Virtual today!