You may think all mouse pads are created equal, but they are not! Find out why. 

Mouse pads are long-lasting gifts. With everyday use, a mouse pad typically lasts 5 to 10 years before it needs to be replaced, and this is true whether you are a gamer, casual user, designer, or office user. The mousepad sits there right under the wrist all day. What other product in this industry has this long of a lifespan? What better branding opportunity can you get? 

All mouse pads have a soft, grippy rubber bottom, so they do not move around when we use them, but did you know that the top of the mouse pad can vary drastically? Your options include the run-of-the-mill soft fabric, precision weave material, plastic upper, or a premium metal upper like aluminum.

How to select the best mouse pad for your client?

Each style of mouse pad offers unique benefits and appeal to different customers. These differences include the look, feel, size, and the client’s potential budget. Of course, the higher the client’s budget, the more flexibility provided to gravitate towards the more premium quality mouse pad. 

Value Mouse Pads – These mouse pads are the most prevalent and the least expensive promotion gift from all mouse pad styles, and they provide great promotional value! Rubber backing and a thin standard weave material provide a good base for full-color dye sublimated decoration. They are lightweight and ideal for companies looking to give a gift to an audience who uses their computers for browsing the web, writing, and general home and office duties. 

Unique Material Mouse Pads – These mouse pads can come in various materials. The bottom is a rubber or leather-like material base, and the top of the mouse pad can be anything from plastic to metal material. Hard surface mouse pads provide the best surface for optical mouse precision. There are many methods of decorating a hard surface mouse pad. To achieve the most vibrant, long-lasting decoration on a hard surface mouse pad, we love UV Imprint. These mouse pads are a great premium gift for designers, architects, gamers, and anyone looking for precision mouse function.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads – These mouse pads, like the others, usually have a bottom layer made of a material that reduces movement and has a leather-like finished top. These mouse pads offer an area for mouse use, and usually, there is a wireless charging area to the side of the mouse pad. Wireless mouse pads need to be plugged into a power source to charge a wireless device. These mouse pads are most commonly UV Decorated and produce an impressive visual impact. It is ideal for the tech-loving mouse pad user who is glued to their phone when not typing and values a full battery life. 

A branded mouse pad with a great design adds to the visual interest of any dull workspace. It protects the desk surface from getting scratched up over time. Mouse pads with a hard surface do all the above and provide precision mouse movement with no lag time. Additionally, people love receiving a mouse pad as a gift as it is something you typically never think of buying for yourself. 

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