Jason Emery on Current and Future Sustainability Initiatives at Toddy Gear

Dear Valued Customer, 

I am so excited to let you know about the sustainability strides we have made this year. Over the past several years, we have searched for ways in which Toddy Gear could take a stance in maintaining a healthy business while enhancing our sustainability initiatives as they relate to the products we produce.  As a result of these initiatives, we have strengthened our sustainability commitments and made significant progress. I am pleased to share one major step of many towards reaching that goal. 

We are kicking off a new green initiative by having converted one of our most popular materials, which we use to manufacture many of our top-selling products. As of today, our Thin Microfiber has been converted to Eco-friendly, 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). Toddy Gear will no longer offer its previous standard Thin Microfiber. Rather all orders being produced with this material moving forward will be 100% rPET.

The new Eco-friendly Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET) material helps reuse recycled plastic to contribute to our environment’s sustainability while simultaneously delivering products that look and feel better and have enhanced color vividness for an elevated branding experience. rPET produces a smaller carbon footprint and contributes to reducing plastic waste.

By converting such an extensive offering of our best-selling items to the rPET material, we will be a part of the global solution to improve our world.

  • The rPET Impact
    • Making recycled polyester uses 90% less water than the production of virgin polyester
    • 70% less energy is used to make rPET fiber than virgin fiber
    • Recycling just one plastic bottle saves an average of 3 hours of energy from a 60w light bulb
    • When thirty water bottles are recycled, they create 1lb of rPET fiber.
At Toddy Gear, we are committed to a more sustainable product culture. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop long-term relationships with trusted rPET suppliers worldwide in order to convert more of our manufacturing materials and product lines to Eco-friendly rPET material over the upcoming months. This initiative is monumental for our organization and the right thing to do for the earth.

  Thank you,

Jason Emery, President Toddy Gear

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