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The Best USA Made Thin Microfiber Products Are Now ECO-friendly!

We have made it easier to go green with your next order by converting all USA Made thin microfiber products to our new ECO-Friendly RPET Material. The updated ECO Collection using RPET material includes Smart Cloth Thin Microfiber ClothsScreen Cleaners & Protectors, and our Smart Pouch Thin, giving you a selection of 10 ECO-friendly items to choose from. From cleaning cloths to screen protectors to pouches -- they are great for holding valuables and can be used as reusable packaging solutions. We have your thin microfiber needs covered.

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Why go ECO-friendly RPET material? 

The main reason we went ECO-friendly is that we can help reuse recycled plastic material to contribute to the sustainability of our environment while simultaneously delivering products that not only look and feel better but also have enhanced color vividness for an elevated branding experience.

The Eco Collection of microfiber products made with Post Consumer Recycled Plastic is just as sustainable as they are functional.

What is ECO-Friendly- RPET Material?

RPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as Recycled Polyester. It is strong, color-fast, lightweight, and environmentally friendly. Recycled polyester has the same base properties as conventionally manufactured polyester. RPET produces a smaller carbon footprint and contributes to reducing plastic waste.

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Benefits of  Manufacturing ECO-Friendly RPET Fiber

  • Making recycled polyester uses 90% less water than the production of virgin polyester
  • 70% less energy is used to make RPET fiber than virgin fiber
  • Recycling just one plastic bottle saves an average of 3 hours of energy from a 60w light bulb
  • When thirty water bottles are recycled, they create 1lb of RPET fiber.

Branding and messaging imprinted on RPET material delivers the most vibrant, long-lasting imprint available.

The Process

The Products

Smart Cloth Thin - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Mobile Devices and Eyewear?

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6"x6" Smart Cloth Thin - Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Mobile Devices and Eyewear (TOY-T01) 

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8"x8" Smart Cloth Thin Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Mobile Devices and Eyewear (TOY-T02)?