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Made in USA

We are proud to add the new Featherlite™ Collection as a product choice for storing and safeguarding tablets, laptops, and eyewear. We are excited to let you know that the Featherlite™ Collection is handmade in the USA, Bolingbrook, IL, to be exact. 


Truly Different

The Featherlite™ Collection is more than meets the eye. These sleeves are made with three separate pieces that are individually decorated, giving brands the ability to customize each panel with any artwork needed. Offered is a choice of two hem colors to complement the artwork. Full-color decoration is standard, and all models come with a Cool Gray color inside. 

 Unique Featherlite™ Material

Outer Layer -- Specially formulated outer layer for enhanced decoration quality

Middle Layer -- Unique and super durable sponge-like protective layer

Inside Layer --Luxurious polyester inside layer keeps valuable scratch-free


Featherlite™ Eyewear Sleeve (TTA056) 

Featherlite™ Tablet Sleeve (TTA082)

Featherlite™ Laptop Sleeve for 13” Screens (TTA081)

Featherlite™ Laptop Sleeve for 15” Screens (TTA080)